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Salvamac Artist Dry_200/_300/_400/_500

The painting booth is built with modular sandwich panels (thickness 40
mm), pre-painted on both sides white/grey color with details on
galvanized sheet metal bended.

Diamond Tools Salvamac Leader 60

Advanced 2 Stage Filtering System

Salvamac Artist Dry painting booths make use of a two stage filtering based on research by leading companies in the filtering field to absolutely ensure the safety of the user, while also minimizing overspray and messes.


1st Filtering phase :

Contains a High efficiency ANDREAE type filter. It is a multilayer cellulose with high efficiency and capacity of collection.
Filtering surface is sized in order to obtain  perfect filtration and a good durability of filters.
Collection capacity:
9,8 Kg/m2 varnishes in solvent
7,26 Kg/m2 water solubile varnishes
0,54 Kg/m2 cellulose nitrate varnishes
Losses of cargo : 125 Pa

Xylent@2x (2)

2nd Filtering phase :

Medium efficiency filter type GLASS : this second barrier permits a further drying absorption of the varnishes’ overspray.
Material is made by long glass fibres linked by air- hardening resin to provide a change in the direction of airflow into the filters.
Collection capacity : 3.000  5.000 gr/m2
Losses of cargo : 250 Pa

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