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Salvamac Salvapush_2000

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Salvamac Salvapush_2000

Semi-automatic upstroke saws for quick, safe and accurate crosscutting of a variety of different sizes of wood.

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Expertly Designed

The automatic optimizing saw SalvaPush_2000 is born from over twenty years of experience inĀ optimizing wood saws. The SalvaPush_2000 is the ideal solution to increase the yield of wood, to reduce the worked hours, facilitate staff activity, cut costs and increase profits.


Extreme Durability

The SalvaPush_2000 structure is made of hard steel to guarantee reliability and long life. The cutting unit has an inclined plane of 25 degrees and the smart pressing hood, after the first cut, automatically adapts to the thickness of the board. The machine is completed with two electro-pneumatic side alignment devices, both inside the machine unit, one before and one after the blade

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Fully Automated Technology

The operator has just to mark the quality of the wood and the presence of defects, the optimizing saw will do the rest.
The machine cuts the best possible combination of measures, reducing waste to a minimum and improving productivity, all in total safety.

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