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profiset 40

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profiset 40 at diamond tools ireland

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profiset 40

profiset 40
4-spindles automatic planer and throughfeed moulder with 10 mm profiling capacity by means of vertical spindles

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Ergonomics and safety

The operator easily manages every working operation due to all controls at your fingertips. The manual pump for the worktable lubrication positioned in the working area facilitates its use, assuring always the best smooth movement of the work piece.

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Profiset 40ep: always ready to use

La Profiset 40ep automatically controls the working sections. The feed speed is equipped with only one push button for the sequential motors start.


Idle roller placed on the table: the best finishing

Improoved feeding due to the idle roller placed on the outfeed table, typicla feature of industrial level machines

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“Ready” electronic control: work programming becomes simple and effective

• Automatic positioning control of left vertical spindle and top horizontal spindle
• Feed speed programming
• Mode: manual, semi-automatic and automatic with memory capacity up to 99 programs                            
• Additional functions: claculator and hour counter.

technical data of profiset 40